aka Princess Grace Kelly

AGE: 13

BREED: Puggle (Pug x Beagle)

GENDER: Female


CATS: Yes, but she'll chase ones who mew too loudly!



MEDICAL: High Medical Needs - see profile.

LOCATION: Edmonton



Hello! My name is Princess Grace Kelly, but you can call me Gracie. When I came to ARTS I shocked all of the humans with how bad of shape I was in. I heard the people say that I got to them just in time. My history is unclear, but when I was surrendered I was a very sick little girl. I’ve had lots of puppies too. But those days are over for me now! I didn’t realize how good I could feel!


I have to talk about all my medical issues in detail because I’m so special. I know it’s kind of awkward for a regal lady to get this personal but you know... it’s important if you are looking to give me your house, I mean, adopt me. It’s very long but the right family will read it 2 or 3 times. 

The doctors told me that I was an uncontrolled diabetic for a very long time, this likely helped to progress my blindness and we think that I’ve gotten a little blinder in care while my blood sugar was all over the place. So now I get an insulin needle twice a day. You also have to make sure that I get my breakfast and dinner on time, but don’t worry. I’ll remind you. And if you have to check my blood sometimes, I’m a very good girl and sit nicely for my ear poke. I also have hypothyroidism and take some pills for that. I don’t mind taking my pills - just drop them in my food and I eat them right up! 


I had a spay and mammary lump surgery after I got here. The doctors looked at my mammary lumps under a fancy microscope and they discovered that the lumps were cancerous - but they got them all so it’s okay! But you should always keep an eye on my tummy and the rest of my body just in case to make sure no more grow back. I had some teeth removed too and the rest of them got cleaned and they are so shiny and white! Don’t be fooled, though, I still like to chew and can chew very well. 


I have a heart murmur too, it’s a grade 2 to 3. I don’t need medicine for it but you should keep an eye on it as I get older. I have cherry eye, but since it doesn’t bother me or cause me any discomfort the doctors have chosen not to operate on it. It should be watched as I get older too! Sometimes my other eye gets dry and I’ll hold it shut, only sometimes. When that happens I have drops and I’m usually good the next day! I don’t mind the drops since I can’t see them coming. 


I had some bladder and kidney stones too. When the doctor opened up my bladder they found a small mass, but we think it could be due to the constant irritation that was in my bladder from all of the stones and untreated UTI’s. The doctor chose to leave it alone as I would lose too much blood if we tried to remove it, but they told me to let you know about it as it’s something to monitor as I get older too. 


Whew - that was a lot. Still with me? Of course you are! On to my shining personality!


First off, I’m HILARIOUS! I know I’m a princess, but I definitely missed my calling as a court jester. I make my people laugh and laugh. 


I’m a bit of a couch potato but when I get a burst of energy dont be surprised if I challenge you to a duel. By a duel I mean tug of war. Okay, apparently I should have been a knight too?


I like my walks to be slow and led by my nose since I can’t see very well - don’t rush me. Smelling is very important. I’ll also spend a lot of time sniffing around my yard, and I really like to defend it against intruders on the other side of the fence. Speaking of smelling - I’m very food motivated and if there is even an ounce of food or garbage somewhere I’ll find it. So get some baby locks for your garbage bin cupboard and make sure the food is locked away. I don’t have will power when it comes to tasty treats and I can get myself in to trouble with my diabetes that way. 


I don’t like when you go away for the day and I can be quite loud about my displeasure. So someone that is home quite often would be a good fit for me. You don’t have to stay home with me ALL of the time, but a long work day is a little too much for me. Even if you could come home and visit with me at lunch that would help. 


I’m very scared of the kennel, I think I’ve had some bad experience with it. Even with gentle kennel training I will hurt myself trying to get out. As long as you make sure there’s nothing I can get in to, I’m okay loose in the house. Once upon a time, I ate my bed. But I didn’t eat my new bed. I don’t know what got in to me that day. 


My house has two cats - one of the cats I like to cuddle with, and the other I want to chase as fast as I can and try to catch and bite her. I think it’s because she meows really loud. So if you have a cat make sure they are dog savvy. I get along with all dog friends as long as they are nice to me. My mom says “it they start it, Gracie will finish it”. So if my new dog friends are grumpy with me I’ll be grumpy back. I would be equally as happy with a dog friend as I would without a dog friend. I’m more worried about having people friends than anything. 


I LOVE to cuddle and snore. I also love to bark and I have a big beagle voice. I bark so big that I sometimes fall over - and I know how to howl too! For that reason, I shouldn’t live in an attached house or an apartment. Even though I can’t see well, I map out my house very fast and I dont Bonk in time things after the first day (unless you move something). Even when my family rearranged the whole entire house - I’m pretty sure just to confuse me - I had it figured out in a few hours. I am also okay with stairs once I learn where they are and how many there are. The most important thing about your house is that you have a couch and you let me on it. It’s very important. I really like couches. 


If you made it to the end of this, good for you, you’ve probably aged 6 years in dog years because that was looooong. I look forward to meeting you!

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