Age:  13 Years Old 

Breed: Lab/Dane X (90lb)

Gender: Female

Dogs: Selective, small/medium dogs only

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Location: Calgary

Medical: Elevated liver values, requires milk thistle supplement and rechecks every 6 months.

ADOPTION STATUS: No Longer Accepting Applications

Deliga's Story

Deliga (pronounced Day-leg-ah) is the big, goofy black lab you've always wanted, the prodigal "man's best friend." 

At 13 years young, Deliga is like the Cher of the dog world. She doesn't look her age at all! Her coat is silky soft and lustrous and shiny with hardly any grey. She loves going for walks and will gladly pull you along to make sure you get plenty of exercise.

She LOVES people of all ages, especially young children and would love nothing more than to be by a person's side all day long. She also loves cats and has become good friends with the guinea pigs in her foster home. Unfortunately, she feels quite threatened by fellow canines. While she has managed to settle in with her foster home's resident dog, it took a slow and steady approach, diligence, and a resident dog who has been very patient and willing to pretty much ignore her. Experience and commitment will be required if you have other dogs so Deliga can have the absolute best retirement home she so richly deserves!

Deliga lived most of her life on a farm but is very happy in the city and has discovered that couches are really amazing for naps. She would love a home who will share! She needs to go outside a little more frequently and she has the occasional accident, but it's only occasionally and she responded really well to doggy diapers so if it's very manageable. She had elevated liver values so she is getting a milk thistle supplement and that will be rechecked in a little while. 

If you're working from home, Deliga is a dream. She is very quiet and only barks when she wants back in the house (which is right away because she is so worried she won't be allowed back in if she stays out too long). If you give her a comfy bed, she will lay beside you and only interrupt your Zoom call with the occasional snore.

She is a typical lab and LOVES her food. She will do anything for a treat. We're managing her weight a little bit to make sure she stays trim and healthy. She is exceptionally well behaved and knows some basic tricks too. Her smile lights up the room and she'll steal your heart. 

Deliga would love a forever home with people who will give her all the love she can absorb. She will return it in spades! You can meet her by applying here.

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