Age:  Approx 8 years old

Breed: DSH Tabby

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Calm, quiet kids would be ok - Chivas is quite shy and is looking for a quiet home

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Diabetes (Please read additional details in his profile below)

Chivas's Story

Chivas is such a quiet and reserved kitty, but he seems to be coming out of his shell with time. Now that his diabetes is under control we've also noticed a change for the better in him. Chivas does play with toys and hangs out with the resident kitty. He would like a nice retirement home that will give him time to come out of his shell so he can be the perfect lap kitty we know he is.


Medical notes: Currently the vet is not sure if his stomach problems are IBD or potentially stomach cancer, but he is being treated for both. I think he’s holding steady at best but unfortunately is not improving. He’s quite lethargic and doesn’t always want to eat. Chivas had diarrhea for months before we started the current Leukeran routine (cancer treatment) and he still does from time to time, but for the most part his stools are close to normal now. Chivas is free fed Purina DM dry kibble and is allowed as much as he’d like. Three times a day he has canned food with warm water mixed into it. The vet said he should be eating a fish diet for his stomach but he is easily bored and often doesn’t want the same food two days in a row. The main thing is that he CANNOT have his insulin if he doesn’t eat, so getting food in him is the most important part so we do what we have to so he can have his insulin.


Chivas gets 3 units of insulin twice daily between 9:00 and 10:00. Every 3 days he gets a Leukeran Chemotherapy pill . We also give him B12 which is a weekly injection to his back hip. Chivas is very easy to give shots to and also takes pills easily. He loves being brushed and he enjoys hanging on the couch watching tv in the evenings. When he’s really happy he drools!


Apply today if you think you could give him the purrfect home!

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