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Age: 10 Years old

Breed: Brown Tabby DSH

Gender: Male

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Kids: Bandit would probably prefer a more adult home

Location: Calgary

Medical: Diabetic 

Bandit's Story

Bandit knows exactly who is in charge of the house- he is! The humans are simply there to cater to his needs. Time for a meal or a snack? Bandit will let you know by his cries and, if you don’t respond to them, by attaching himself to your pant leg. Still not responsive? Bandit attacks his scratching post and you can’t help feeling that he is thinking of you. And if you making unnecessary noise, for instance vacuuming, Bandit will show his displeasure by giving you a dirty look and vanishing behind the couch or under a blanket. The ultimate insult to Bandit is being put in his carrier. That action brings loud protests.


When you are not busy offending him Bandit enjoys being in your vicinity and watching you as you go about your daily activities. If you open a cupboard, closet, or fridge he is right there to see what is inside, preferably by getting right in. When you come home he is either lying by the door waiting for you or comes running to greet you.


Like most cats Bandit wants to be handled on his terms and does not like to be picked up, but he is very good to give his insulin shots to as food is a great distraction. He is so focused on his meals he usually doesn’t even notice. Bandit came to us as a vet surrender and was brought in to be euthanized due to his diabetes. With twice daily insulin shots however, he is perfectly healthy and easy to care for.


Given that Bandit was a vet surrender we don't have a lot of history on him.  He is currently being fostered solo and has shown some tendencies that make us believe he would be best as an only cat. 


 A very handsome cat with beautiful green eyes, Bandit is looking for a home and family to rule with a gentle paw. Could it be yours? You can apply here to meet him.

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