Age:  12 Years Old

Breed: Tuxedo DSH

Gender: Female

Dogs: Selective (calm dogs who respect her space)

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Location: Calgary

Medical: Bandit requires Rx urinary food. 

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Bandit's Story

Bandit is a transfer from CHS but was well loved in her previous home. She is a very sweet cat although a little on the shy side. She will need a patient adopter who will give her the time and space she needs to become comfortable in a new location.

Bandit loves her food and once she's comfortable, loves her people. She may be a little thick around the middle but she has no problem squishing herself under furniture (in a rather comical fashion) for some quiet time. She has her silly moments and likes to roll around on the floor when she wants your attention hoping that someone will come pet her. She will also remind you with a gentle paw on your hand if you accidentally forget to pet her while watching tv. 


Bandit likes to play with toys despite being a "senior" and she is quite happy to chase a wand or a crinkle ball. Because she is on the more timid side Bandit would appreciate a quieter home. That said, she will tolerate a home with kids as long as they are respectful or older. She is good with other animals but again, prefers quieter or more senior companions to match her pesonality. 

Bandit is well behaved in the house but she has dreams of being a vegetarian and will try to nibble on any houseplant she can reach. Adopters will need to be careful of what plants they keep in the house as a result. 

Bandit is really ready for her second chance at a forever home. Please apply here to talk to our adoption team and arrange a meet and greet. 

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