Age: 14 Years Old

Breed: Pomeranian

Gender: Male

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Location: Calgary

Medical: Please read profile for more details. Spart has a collapsed trachea, kidney disease, and is prone to urinary crystals. 

ADOPTION STATUS: No Longer Accepting Applications

Spartacus's Story

Meet your new best friend, Spartacus (Spart,Sparty,Sparts)! At 14 years old, he's the Benjamin Button of dogs, looking half his age, despite a few gray hairs on his face.

Spartacus is a quirky Pomeranian,vying for your attention when HE wants it. He will act really silly by twitching and yipping on his side or back to get your attention.  He also gets spurts of energy where he loves a quick game of fetch with his favorite stuffy. 

Spartacus will not ask for your unending pets and cuddles ( he's an independent man), but  will gladly curl up under your covers for bedtime snuggles. He also loves to be picked up, giving you a helping hop into your arms. He will reward you with lots of kisses-lucky for you his recent dental work has made his breath as fresh as can be.

Spartacus is VERY food motivated and  prances around after every bathroom trip in hopes of a delicious treat-make sure they're soft thought, he only has 7 teeth left to chew them.

Spartacus only barks to vocalize his wants and needs. He will yip to get you to carry him up stairs ( even though he is more than capable),yip for you to let him under blankets, yip for his dinner (and ding his bowl) and sometimes will yip to see where you are! Other than that, his hobbies include snoozing the day away in various heaps of pillows, laundry, blankets, or his bed ( least preferred). 

Spartacus lives with 2 other small doggos, and doesn't really seem to take much interest in them. He likes it this way! He has more interest in following his person around and having staring contests with them. We've been told he's also good with other polite dogs and children. 

Despite his young good-looks Spartacus' age has left him somewhat hard of hearing and some loss of vision. Because of this, loud noises startle him, so a calm household, with calm animals and children would be ideal. 

Important things to note:
Spartacus has stage 2 kidney disease which is easily managed by veniarian renal food (soft) and a scoop of Aventis Kidney Compete in his food. His renal food should also be mixed with urinary care S/O food to keep previously found crystals at bay. He needs to stay on wet food for the rest of his life as his recent dental has left him with only a few teeth. 

Spartacus also has a collapsed trachea which will present as mild coughing and sneezing fits. Gently rubbing his throat with a soothing tone will help ease this. 

Due to his kidney disease and age Spartacus needs to pee A LOT.  Thankfully, he is 100% pee pad trained and when he can't hold it he will find a pee pad to go on. His forever home should be very understanding with this! 

Please apply here if you think you can give him the perfect new home!

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