Age:  8 years old

BreedMiniature Pincher X

Gender: Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Kids: Maybe- must be experienced pet owner if kids

Location: Calgary

Medical: Ebby has elevated liver enzymes. While she does not currently require medication she will need to be checked regularly and may need medication in the future. 

ADOPTION STATUS: No Longer Accepting Applications

Ebby's Story


Ebby is 8 years old but she is truly a forever puppy. You would never believe her age when you get to know this sweet little energetic angel. Ebby loves to hit the town and show her strut. Her favourite activities are running and playing at the dog park, being chased around, and exploring the neighbourhood. She is a loyal companion who is both an adventure dog and lap warmer. She will sleep close to you all night cuddling but she's a wild girl with a zest for life during the day.


Ebby loves food and is always up for sharing a snack- especially popcorn. She's just had a full dental and doesn't have quite as many teeth as before, but that doesn't stop her from eating most things. You'll just have to help her brush so that she can keep her remaining teeth pearly white. That's probably for the best though, because we all know how uncomfortable popcorn in the teeth can be!

Despite her energy level Ebby does take time to enjoy the little things. She loves to have an afternoon nap in a sun beam. She's happy to watch TV, but maybe skip the documentary on squirrels- Ebby likes to bark and jump if an animal appears on the screen. She's also a super smart girl and has figured out how to work automatic car windows, so make sure you know where the child safety lock is. 

Ebby really likes other dogs and would do well with another dog in the home. She is untested with cats and given her energy level it may not be the best fit, but a large cat who is dog savvy may work. Ebby is insecure around children and would prefer to be in a home without them, but we would consider adopting her to an experienced dog owner with kids depending on the age and personality of the child. Lastly it should be mentioned that Ebby does still have occasional accidents in the house. Her foster family is working on this behaviour with her, but she would benefit from someone who can let her out often. 

Ebby is a sweet girl that loves being snuggled up, close to you, and involved regardless of the activity.  She will keep you on your toes and keep your heart full. If you are interested in Ebby, please apply here to get the adoption process started.

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