Age:  12 Years Old

Breed: Papillion Mix

Gender: Male

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Untested

Kids: 12+

Location: Calgary

Medical: luxating patellas. He does not currently require pain management for this but he may in the future. He is also on a prescription urinary care diet as he is prone to crystals. 

ADOPTION STATUS: Not Accepting Applications

Wilson's Story

 Hi Guys! My name is Wilson. I’m 12 years old but honestly I don’t feel a day over 6. I came to ARTS because I lost my human. I am still sad but I think I'm ready for a second chance at a family. So maybe it could be you? 

I'm a pretty happy boy. I like to play and make new friends. I still enjoy my walks even though my knees are a bit wonky. I am cuddly when I want to be and I loooove a good belly rub. I'll happily flop over for whoever is offering them. I like all friendly dogs so if they don’t bother me, well, then I wont bother them. I’m a polite dog with proper manners and I can even do a few tricks. When it comes to cats I've never met one but the ARTS people say that they would consider a home with a cat in it for me.

I'm an independent dog so if you are looking for the type of dog that sticks to you like glue I might not be the right fit. Don't get me wrong, I love a good cuddle, but sometimes I just like to do my own thing and have a bit of space. I will sometimes lay under coffee tables, chairs, and tables, or even sneak away in to a closet when I need some "me" time. Because of this I'd prefer a house with older children who will respect my need for space when I want it. 

I'm in pretty good health for my age. I have a history of crystals in my urine so I am on a Urinary Care diet as prevention of that reoccurring. Otherwise I don't need any medication or things like that. Like a lot of small dogs I do have a problem with my knees, but at this stage they are not causing me any pain. They could result in me developing arthritis though, so please factor that in when you are thinking about long term expenses. 

I'm eager to settle in to my new home so if you'd like to meet me please apply here and make sure to read our adoption process thoroughly.

See you soon! 

XoXo Wilson

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