Age: 10 years old

Breed: Black/White DSH

Gender: Male

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes (depending on the specific situation/age)

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Healthy

Thor's Story

Hi! I’m Thor! I was surrendered in April when my family's situation changed. I’ve gotten used to my new humans and their house, but it takes me a little while to warm up. I'm still not a fan of new people or dogs in my space and I usually hide on the top shelf in the closet when they come, but my old family said that I do like dogs once i'm used to them, so I might be okay with them over time. If you do have a dog I would probably do best with one who is quiet and respectful of my space. 


I used to live with other cats in my old home and I really liked that. The cat here is not as fond of me as I am of her, but hopefully you have another friendly cat at home because I’d prefer a home with a friend I can play with, cuddle with, and groom. I love to clean my foster sister, that’s how I show affection. I've previously lived with kids but I'm not always the cuddliest so I will need people who are gentle with me. 


I’m very energetic for my age and the doctor said I’m healthy. I'm small, stocky and strong! I'm also stealthy and I can jump really high... including on to the counter. I like the counter but i will get down when you ask (normally if you start walking towards me... I know I’m not supposed to be up there). I really dislike being in the carrier box. I love to chase string toys (sometimes I’ll do backflips when playing with them, no big deal) and laser pointers (That red dot is so sneaky!). I like to be where the people are. I don’t always like being touched, but I definitely like being around you and I’ll gladly sit or sleep beside you. Sometimes I’m loud when I haven’t gotten enough attention. My foster sister yells every time someone is in the kitchen and I’ve started to pick up her habits, just for fun. (Maybe she’ll like me more if I copy her?)


As you can tell from my bio, i'm a great cat and I know that I will make a new family very happy. Ready to open your home to a new best friend? Fill out an online application to get started.

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