Age: 11 years old


Gender: Female

Dogs: Unknown

Cats: Yes

Kids: Unknown

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Overweight. She will also have dental work done before going to her new home.

Tammy's Story

Hello everyone. My name is Tammy. I am a Princess looking for a permanent home. I will be 11 yr old in July so still a young lady just in my prime. My coat is brown to black. Some of my hair is a bit sparse so people suspect that I might have been shaved before coming to ARTS. I arrived at ARTS after my former family surrendered me to a vet clinic as I was being bullied by the other cats in the household. The story is that I spent most of my time hiding in the closet to avoid the other cats.


At the moment I am just starting to come out of my shell and play with toys a little bit. I have excellent house manners; no scratching furniture, no climbing on things I shouldn’t, no litter box issues, and I am a quiet girl. I am currently living peacefully with another docile kitty. I have not been introduced to dogs & due to all these social restrictions I have not met any children. I went to the vet recently and had vaccines and blood work done. I have been spayed and I have a microchip. My blood work is perfect. I heard someone say I need some dental work but ARTS will take care of that before I am adopted.


There were some comments made about my figure which I will admit is a little bit round. I am currently the heaviest cat that ARTS has at almost 23 lbs. I have lost a little more than 1 lb since coming to my foster home. It is important that my new home helps me continue to gradually lose some more weight.


I do love people and enjoy lots of petting. I purr very loudly when you pet me. I am told I snore when I sleep. The one thing I do is to sit up on my back feet like a penguin and beg for your attention. Do you think that your home might have a space for me? If so, fill out an application today so we can get the process rolling!

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