Sunny & Lilly

Age:  approx 12-13 / approx 10 years old

Breed: Shih Tzu or Havanese Mix / Toy Poodle or Maltese Mix 

Size: 16lbs / 11lbs

Gender: Both are female

Dogs: Good w/ proper introduction

Cats: Unknown

Kids: Unknown

Location: Edmonton



  • Sunny:  Heart murmur and liver values that should be monitored going forward 

  • Lilly: Age related eye cloudiness

Both girls are waiting on dental work which will be completed before they are adopted. Their appointments are in late February.

Sunny & Lilly's Story


These two young-at-heart cuties are well behaved and affectionate. They love to follow their foster mom around and are always within sight without being underfoot. They are both non-shedding and tolerate grooming and nail trimming very well. They love their walks and are always ready when leashes come out. Both are better walked on harnesses because they will pull when they get excited and Sunny already has some trachea damage. From day one they have gotten along well with the other dog in their foster home. Both are house trained, sleep well at night and have no problem handling stairs. They will let you know when a stranger comes knocking, but otherwise they are not yappy. They are proper and gentle little ladies who do not appreciate rough and tumble handling.


Lilly is a perky little princess who loves to nap while lying on anything soft; pillows, blankets, laundry, etc. She also loves to have her belly tickled and will gently paw your hand if you stop before she’s had enough. She occasionally gets the ‘zoomies’ which is very cute. She has also started to play with toys which may increase as she adjusts to her new home. She can be a little picky with food but usually eats well when fed away from the other dogs.


Sunny is a bit more reserved than her sister. She enjoys soft laps, being petted, giving kisses and napping. She also enjoys food and will gladly finish whatever Lilly leaves behind so her intake needs to be monitored to control her waistline. Sunny would rather give kisses than play with toys and really enjoys being petted and having tummy rubs.


These two would be very happy in a home where they will get lots of calm attention and petting. They are happiest when everyone is cuddled on the couch watching TV.


Apply today if you think you could give them the snuggliest home!

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