Name: Sparky

Gender: Male

Age: 13 years

Breed: DLH

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: No thank you.

Energy Level: Medium

Personality: sweet and calm

Medical: TBD

My Story: Good day everyone! My name is Sparky. I have been waiting patiently to introduce myself to you since I came to ARTS about a month ago. I am a 13 year old distinguished, proper and well-spoken gentlecat currently looking for my new forever home. I was a little stressed in my previous home because of young’uns and I started forgetting to use my litter box. I feel terrible about that but now that I’m in a new home with no young children I haven’t had a single accident and feel right as rain! The vet that fell in love with me started me on a proper diet as well, and has recommended some delicious Early Prevention cat food for me. I absolutely LOVE my foster home and I am feeling more myself again. I started playing again and forgot how much I missed it! I don’t do anything too quickly, but I can do everything a kitten can do - I just prefer to be much more careful and deliberate and proper. I live with a dog and 2 cats in my foster home, and I am absolutely great around all of them. Unfortunately, the younger rapscallion cat is jealous of my refined good looks and will tackle me, which I do not appreciate! But I am sure I will get along with any animals you have, as long as they are respectful of my space like my more well-behaved Foster Brothers. I am always happy to see anyone that comes to visit me, but when Foster Mother comes, I absolutely melt. I look up with big loving eyes and all I want to do is be petted and cuddled! If you give me some time to warm up to you, it won’t be long at all until you’re reminded of my favorite old song “Get Your Motor Running” as I purr for you and roll over for you - I am even happy for tummy pets! I promise I don’t need too much to be happy in my Forever Home - just a little bit of love that I will happily return.


Location: Calgary



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