Age: 15 years old


Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Location: Calgary

Medical: Healthy

Sierra's Story

Oh hello, I see you've clicked on my profile! I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name is Sierra. I was surrendered in Edson and I just moved to Calgary at the beginning of January. My foster Mama named me Sierra as she said it connotes strength and groundness. I can see you're looking for a potential adoptable! Fear not, I've complied a list of why YOU should adopt ME! 


#5 - I am the best cuddler in town. I love cuddles and I love it more when you rub my belly. Now, my foster Mama says I am an indecisive sleeper, but that's only because I need to find the comfiest spot to fall asleep! 


#4 - I may be an old girl, but don't let that fool you as the vet said I have the blood work of a 2 year old! I am healthy as can be. Also, fully vaccinated and spayed, I might add. I have no dietary restrictions, however if you give me wet food for life I wouldn't be opposed. 


#3 - I love love love dogs. Yes, you heard that right. My foster Mama has a small dog and he is my best friend. He lets me brush up against him and we even have cuddle sessions together. So! If you have a dog in your home, just know I will make it my mission for us to become friends for life. That being said, I used to live with other cats happily, but now I'm more picky with others. With a proper introduction I am confident I can be their friend too. 



#2 - I bring a lot of personality to the table! I am full of spunk and I have a loving demeanor. I speak to my foster Mama when spoken to and I have the cutest meow. I also purr a lot when I'm happy. I like playing with toys and I will do anything... and I mean ANYTHING for a treat. 


#1 - I am very easy going and I adapt well to new environments. Basically... I am move in ready!


I see you've made it to the end of my list. And if you've made it this far I know you must still be curious! Why not submit an application to meet me. That way I can just show you just how amazing I am. I am looking for a home I can live out the rest of my days cuddling with you by my side. If you give me a home, I promise I will love you forever.


Apply today if you think you could give Sierra the purrfect home! 

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