Name: Scooter

Age: 11, will be 12 in October 2019

Gender: Neutered male

Breed: Chihuahua

Medical: blind and is currently on stage 2 renal failure

Housetrained: Scooter does have to wear a belly band on the house.

Dogs: yes

Cats: yes

Kids: no

Energy Level: Low

From the foster: This trundling bundle of joy is one of the kindest little gents you will ever meet. He is so full of love and life it is truly humbling. Scooter loves short walks, napping in sun beams, snuggling in a big fluffy bed and digging in to his favourite foods. I have never heard him bark, but he makes the cutest little squeal and tries to climb right up on you when you come home. Scooter sleeps quietly in his bed or a crate. He loves face kisses, playing Marco Polo and being told hes handsome. Hang on...Marco Polo catch you as odd? Well, we play with him because Mr. Scooty pooty is blind. He may see some shadows, but he has become more adept at using his nose and ears to navigate. That being said he can get very confused and overwhelmed in new settings, and despite help with a "step" command, he has difficulty with steps or drops. This puts him in danger of falls or injuries, so he would love a home with low or no stairs or railings where he can be secure and move around freely. Unfortunately Scooter is also being managed for kidney issues. He wears a belly band and is on some special food and meds, but it certainly has not slowed him down! He is doing better than ever after his dental and being on the right care for his kidneys. Due to his blindness , we would recommend older children (he does not enjoy being carried for long) and respectful dogs . He loves puppy partners he knows well, but can get alarmed and a little upset when new friends enter his space. This little man brings joy to everyone who meets him. He is pure sunshine and we can not wait to find his forever family.

Location: Airdrie

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