Sammy & Chloe (Bonded)

Age:  10 years old / 8 years old

Breed: Bichon / Chihuahua

Gender: Both female

Dogs: Good with proper introductions

Cats: Untested

Kids: Untested, but likely ok

Location: Edmonton

Medical:  Sammy  - Sammy has a very sensitive tummy that will need to be taken care of very cautiously through her life - deviation from her food and medication can cause her to become very unwell. 

Chloe - heart murmur and overweight that should be monitored going forward

Sammy & Chloe's Story


Sammy will need to eat Gastro EN food from the vet for the remainder of her life. She will also need to receive vitamin B12 injections for the next 6 months, which will be the responsibility of her new home to continue. These will need to be slowly reduced to ensure that she does not need them long term. 


Sammy will also need to take prednisone for the remainder of her life. We are currently working to find the lowest dose that works for her. She tore a ligament in one of her legs when she was younger, but she is not a candidate for repair surgery. Cartrophen injections help to keep her comfortable and she says “my leg works just fine as long as I have my monthly needle!”  

Sammy and Chloe are the best duo around. They love being near people and spend most of the day sleeping but they'll perk right up for food, treats, or someone coming to the front door aka targets to pet and spoil them. Wherever you go they always follow you to see what you're up to.

Sammy loves to go on s-l-o-w walks around the block a few times a day to make sure she can sniff every possible thing. Whenever Sammy wants your attention, she will softly bark once and wait for you to come check on her. When you put out your arms and ask her “show me” she will lead you to her food/water bowls, to the edge of the couch where she wants help getting up, or to the front door because she wants to go outside.


Chloe meanhile goes on even slower walks (if that’s possible). She would prefer to go to the edge of the property, do her business, and come right back inside for some more couch cuddles. We make her come for a walk anyway and adhere to the vet's diet to try to bring down her weight. Chloe is the ultimate snuggler. She will sit under your feet at the table or at your desk, and she will snuggle right under your arms or in between your outstretched legs on the couch. Chloe is a little protective of her food and will growl at Sammy if she gets too close.


Both dogs are well mannered and are good on their leashes. Sometimes Chloe's leash will slip off her head because she is so chubby and has little to no neck, but she will wait patiently for you to put it back on. Sammy has a little trouble with stairs due to her leg and sometimes needs to be carried up the stairs.


Both dogs will sleep in their dogs beds on the main floor at night, the couch, or their kennel (it doesn’t matter). These two would be very happy in a home where they can sit and cuddle on the couch. As long as they are in the same room, they are 100% content.


If you are looking for a cute little duo, please fill out an online application asap so that we can meet you!

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