Name: Sage

Age: 11yr old

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair - Blue brown tortoiseshell

Gender: Spayed Female

Likes: Her independence, pets on her own time, sleeping on the bed with you.

Dislikes: Young kids and high energy animals that don't respect her space

Medical: Renal and Arthritis. Has troubles jumping anything higher than a couch - will spend some time negotiating the jumps. Also has issues going down stairs so may need some assistance in these areas, though her mobility is improving.

From her foster: Hi, my name is Sage! I've been having a hard go of life, and unfortunately it's been hard to find a home that I feel safe and comfortable in. I was originally found as a stray, all skinny and matted. I probably hadn't been with people for a long time, because i'm not so sure how to interact with them. But I'm really starting to learn that I enjoy sitting next to my foster parents and playing string toy with them! Sometimes I get cranky though, and when that happens I mutter and like my own space. I like receiving head and shoulder scratches, and just love having them around me in general. I'm even starting to seek out attention from them and try this thing called "cuddling". I don't think I do it right - sometimes I just like to sit facing away from them with my butt touching them - that’s cuddling, right? I'm still learning this human interaction stuff. Sometimes, when I'm alone, I just start to sing the opera! It sounds a lot like howling. It certainly confused my foster family the first few times I did it, so they came to check on me, but it turns out I just love to sit on the couch or in the middle of the floor howl for about 30 seconds every once in a while when I'm alone! I'd prefer a quiet home with no young kids, or animals that don't respect my space as I don't get around too fast with my old lady legs. Any home where an animal might chase me or I need to get out of the way of something I don’t think I would like very much because I can’t move too fast and that might cause me to get stressed or upset. Despite all of this, my foster parents absolutely love having me around. I know I might get cranky and have a few things to watch out for, but I’m very little trouble and I’m enjoying the second half of my life a lot better than the first. I’ve made leaps and bounds since being with ARTS, and I know I can go even further in the right home. I’m just looking for my saviour to love me for the wonderful cat that I am.


Location: Calgary

*A big shout out to Michelle Aaron Photography for the amazing professional shots of Sage!*



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