Name: Ricky

Age: 10 years old

Breed: Shih Tzu x

Gender: Male

Likes: Kids, dogs

Dislikes: Cats!

Medical: TBD

My Story: Mr Ricky is a fantastic little doggo. GREAT with my 13 year old daughter, loves cuddles and walks. Needs someone who is home a lot as his little bladder is not great at “holding it” for the full day. Not terrible but accidents do happen. He is full of energy and can rip around and jump quite high for a little guy. He leaves Scooter alone because, well, Scooter (), he gets along with Claus my big dog but I have seen him trying to be alpha which is pretty hilarious because Claus is 4x his size . Barks at anyone coming around the house when he thinks we are not home . Likes to guard his people which is pretty darn cute, especially if you are in the bathtub ( I have a kid I’m used to no privacy, lol). He’s going to make some family super happy.

Location: Red Deer


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REGISTERED CHARITY # 809479793 RR 0001

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