Age:  12 years old

Breed: Sheba Inu

Gender: Female

Dogs: Yes (It would be great if there were other dogs in the home)

Cats: Untested

Kids: Older kids ok

Location: Calgary

Medical: She takes prednisone for skin allergies that will need to be monitored for the rest of her life as medication may need to change over time. She has seen a canine dermatologist in the past and may need to see one again in the future. Sometimes her allergies require antibiotics and she has become antibiotic resistant before, so treatment will need to be monitored closely.

Queenie's Story


Meet Queenie!!!


She is a calm, quiet, good natured, purebred, 20 lb. Sheba Inu. She is a complete gem and having one family her whole life, she is well loved and socialized!


She loves other dogs and enjoys being part of a dog pack to have someone to play with!  Initially a little shy, she quickly becomes an attached, and loyal companion, enjoying lots of hugs and kisses!! And if you missed her appearance on Global in December, you can check out her dancing skills here.


Queenie is around 12 but you'd never know it! She LOVES going outside and LIVES for walks and jogs! She's super agile and only pulls when she initially goes out the door! She just can't contain her excitement!  She loves people and dogs and approaches them politely on leash. 

She enjoys throwing her toys around, eating bully sticks, and playing with her younger fur siblings. She occasionally gets the zoomies and nibbles feet to show us it's play time!! She would love a dog companion to live and play with! She LOVES treats  and will, sit, lay, down, and dance for them!!

Queenie is housetrained and very vocal when letting you know she needs to go outside. Her foster is gone for 8 hours a day and she gets full roam. She is never destructive, but she would love someone to be home with her more though, for more walks of course!!


Initially, Queenie is on the shyer side. Once warmed up she shows her love by following you around and sitting next to you for pets. She even likes to lick toes!! Queenie is not an in your face, "pet me!" type of dog. She is independent, but very loyal, loves her people and enjoys nose kisses!! Her foster fell in love with her right away!! We love her personality and you will too!! 


Queenie would do best in a home with a yard ( to be outside for exercise), or someone who can take her on long, daily walks! An active family, who loves adventure will be thrilled to have Queenie as their sidekick!


She also needs a home with another dog or someone who is home all day, as she howls when by herself! She needs someone who can be home every 4 hours to let her outside, or be comfortable with her being in a doggy diaper! 

If you think you could give her a calm home, some space to get comfortable, and endless pets, she would love to meet you! You can apply here and the wonderful people at ARTS will get in touch!

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