Age: estimated 15 years

Breed: Shih Tzu mix

Dogs: good

Cats: good

Kids: unknown

Energy Level: Low to medium

Medical: Thyroid medication required

Location: Edmonton

My Story


Precious is an adorable little girl who is quiet and loves to nap. She has only barked in her foster home when she needs to go outside. She is doing quite well with her potty training in her foster home, with only a few accidents. She asks to go out pretty regularly during the day.  She is fairly laid back, spending a good part of her day snuggled in her cuddle bed. She likes attention and is getting more comfortable with getting petted.


Precious has been around other dogs and cats (she has ignored the cats entirely after a quick look). She is being fostered with other dogs and gets along well with them. She has not been around young children yet so we don’t know if she would like them or not. Older children should be okay. She would likely do very well with a canine companion, but it is not necessary, as she is quite content around humans.


She does have a thyroid issue (hypothyroid) but is receiving treatment, and will require meds twice a day. She takes her meds hidden in a bit of wet food very well. Because of the thyroid issue, her age estimate may be higher than her actual age, but we can’t be sure. She is a bit of a clumsy girl at times, but has no trouble with a small amount of stairs.


Precious is starting to figure out toys and plays with them a little, but not regularly yet. As her thyroid issue improves, so will her energy, so she may get more playful. She is a good little walker on leash (harness is a must as she does seem to have some damage in her trachea). She is not a picky eater. She seems to like everything she has been given so far.

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