Age: 11 years old

Breed: Calico DSH

Gender: Female

Dogs: Untested

Cats: Yes

Kids: Teens

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Healthy, although she needs to lose a few lbs.

Pouska's Story

Who loves belly rubs and laser tag? Pouska! Pouska is a sweet and gentle calico lady who came to us after her owner passed away. She had previously been an only cat in a quiet household, so all of these changes have been a little overwhelming for her, but she's shown us to be a polite and loving kitty. She loves spending time with people and mews sweetly to get your attention. She will sit with you and purr her contentment.


 Despite being on the chunky side Pouska loves to play with her toys. If you are willing to wave a feather toy or play with the laser pointer she'll gladly be your friend for life. Pouska is currently being fostered with another cat and is getting used to the idea of living with others. She is doing well but she will need a slow and gentle introduction to any new animal in your household. The ARTS team will happily give you pointers on how to do that!


Pouska has not been tested with dogs. Due to Covid-19 dog testing is more difficult, but we are happy to discuss the possibility of her going to a home with a dog in it as long as the dog is respectful and willing to give her space. Pouska may do well in a home with teens but she prefers a relaxed environment and wouldn't appreciate a home with busy kids.


If you're ready to open your home to a new best friend, fill out an online application and the ARTS team will get in touch with you.

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