Age: Approx. 10 years old




Cats: Unknown (see story)

Kids: Good

Size: She doesn't like to talk about is :s

Location: Edmonton



Congenital Back Disorder

Poppy's Story

Hello! My name is Poppy! I am a sweet little pup that loves laying in the sun, getting scratched around the neck, and cuddling up next to you. I’m also quite playful, and love to play keep-away with whatever toy you are playing with. My fosters think I am such a funny pup because I love to stare at you with my big pug eyes while you eat just about anything. I'm not picky! I don’t really like being alone, and will howl for you when you leave, but when you come home, I will say hi by wagging my tail and barking in excitement. 


I have a bad back which is congenital, most likely due to improper breeding. I have trouble walking due to my back, and also have some incontinence, but it can be reduced by frequent bathroom breaks and a little extra training. I love walks, but they have to be kept to a minimum, so that I don’t get hurt. When you are away, stairs need to be closed off as I forget that I am an old girl that is not as mobile as I might have been and struggle with stairs. 


I live with my foster family’s dog and I am really good with her. I'm good with all dogs but I do bark at dogs on the TV (whether or not there is sound) and can get nervous around more excited dogs. I have not really been around cats, but my foster family thinks I would be fine. I am also good with children, but would need to be supervised so that they don’t further injure my back. 


I am a very sweet old girl with a big personality who would love to find a great forever home. If you think I'm the one for you, apply today and the nice people of ARTS will call you for a chat!

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