Age: 10 years old

Breed: PomChi



Cats: Unknownn but likely ok

Kids: No

Size: 10lbs

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Special urinary diet, some muscle loss in his back end and would benefit from some doggy physio

Peppi's Story

Hi everyone!  My name is Peppi and I am a very special doggy. I have IVDD (intravertebral disc disease), which occasionally flares up and needs special attention of meds and strict crate rest. The rest of the time, I have trouble walking as I have never regained all of my strength in the back end. This does not stop me from being a lovable, cuddly, kissy boy though. What it does mean is that I need a home where someone is home most of the time to help me and love me. I recently had an IVDD flare-up and am slowly getting back near where I was before it happened. I can move around pretty good where I can get traction like on the grass or carpets.  I do have some incontinence, but I don’t mind wearing a belly band. I cannot be allowed up or down stairs anymore as this will reinjure my back, so any stairs need to be blocked off (I will try to use them if given the chance).  I have had some practice using a doggy wheelchair but may not need one for a while. I would be happy to join in on walks in a doggy stroller and do some walking on the grass. When you are away, it is best to keep me safe in an exercise pen. I prefer that to a kennel as I don’t feel so closed in.


I am getting better at meeting new dogs and people but I bark at them a lot until I am used to them. I like to feel brave. Because I can be rather vocal, I will need to live in a detached home – no condos or apartments for me. In my foster home I live with other dogs and get along well with all of them. It took a little while to learn to trust them, but now we are great friends. I have been around cats and was very well behaved. I do not like small children as they scare me, and would be a big injury risk for me, but older children would be okay if they know not to pick me up or are shown how to do it without hurting me.


I am a very loving and determined little fellow who would love to find my forever family. My foster family is great, but I really need a family to call my very own. ARTS has been wonderful to me, but I have been here for a long time looking for the right family for my special needs. Could you be the one?​


I am a very sweet boy who would love to find a great forever home. If you think I'm the one for you, apply today and the nice people of ARTS will call you for a chat!

Thank you to Inga Morozoff Photography for the photos of Peppi!

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