Ollie & Dora

Age: 10 years old

Breed: DSH

Dogs: Unknown, but can be tested for serious applicants.

Cats: Good (although can be a little dominant until settled in)

Kids: Unknown, but likely ok depending on the age.

Location: Edmonton




Ollie & Dora's Story

Meet Ollie and Dora. Ollie is jet black with gorgeous eyes, and Dora is black with a cute white chin & whiskers.Dora is an adventurous and outgoing girl who likes to be close to her people. She was the first to climb the cat pagoda, much to the chagrin of the family cat! I can usually find Dora sleeping peacefully in any number of places. Often her and Ollie are curled up on the recliner having cuddles or a cat nap. 


Both enjoy the cat tent for some quiet time and solitude. The highlight of their day is watching the birds at the feeder and of course food & treats are big favourites. Both cats are a little on the chubby side so we are working on bringing their weight down. That said, they can still move like the wind and jump fairly high when they decide to. 


Ollie is a little skittish but he also exhibits alpha qualities out of the pair. He likes toys and cat nip. Ollie also flops down on the floor onto his back for a luxurious belly rub. He will also offer adorable head butts and nudges as his way of showing gratitude, and he will grab you with his paws to keep you with him longer. Dora likes to chat away while Ollie is more reserved and quiet. Both of them are a delight to care for and they are adjusting to many changes late in life like the rock stars they are.


Apply today if you think you could give them the perfect home!

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