Age: 16 years old

Breed: SHD

Gender: Male

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Energy Level: Low

Medical: TBD

Location: Edmonton

My Story

Hi! I may look like a Garfield, but my name is Odie! And I’m the loveliest love-bug you’ve ever met! If you’re in need of a permanent lap warmer, I’m your guy! If I’m not on your lap you’ll always know where to find me, underfoot! I just really want to be by your side… I love people, other cats, and I’d probably be good with dogs too! I just L-O-V-E love. Cat trees? Not my thing. Since I’m a bit of an older guy, I don’t do well vertically. I can handle getting up on the couch for cuddle time well enough if there’s carpet underfoot, but much more than that is just too much effort. I’m happy to be picked up if you’ll let me though, then we can tackle bigger heights together! I tend to graze on my food slowly throughout the day, so if I’m coming come to a fur-friend that likes to eat their whole meal in one sitting I ask that you help me make sure I get enough to eat. I don’t complain, and I’m not much of a talker, but my foster parents say my purr volume is set to 11 (fun fact, they also say I snore like an old man!). I’m just so happy to be inside with love and care that often you can hear me purring at your feet, even if you aren’t paying attention to me!


If you’re looking for the affection levels of a canine companion with the maintenance of a feline, give ARTS a call and ask for me!


Love Odie xo

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