Age:  9 years old

Breed: Norwegian Elkhound

Gender: Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Location: Calgary

Medical: Nikki is grossly overweight, but is working on her sleek summer look!

Nikki's Story

Hei! That’s Norwegian for hello! My name is Nikki and I'm the national dog of Norway, perfectly suited to snowy Alberta. Before we go too far, I suggest you read up on Elkhounds to make sure you know what you are getting in to. For example, being a northern pooch I carry a heavy winter coat all year round, so be prepared for some dog hair in your house. That also means I’m no beach bum and I prefer cool temperatures. When I see a snow bank I’m in heaven, so it’s best if I had quick and easy access to the outdoors.  A farm, acreage or a large enclosed back yard is ideal. No condo or apartment please. 


I’m very quiet (I rarely bark), and I'm a gentle affectionate soul. Wherever my foster mom is, I’m close by; I follow her around all day. It breaks her heart that she can’t keep me but she’s hoping that when this Covid period ends she can do a bit of travelling. That really wouldn’t work for me as I need a family that would be around a lot to give me the love and attention I need.


By now you must be thinking "wow, Nikki is the perfect pooch!", but it's only fair that I tell you my downside. You should know that although I’m in good health, I’m quite overweight. To make matters worse, I’m lazy and I prefer to snooze indoors rather than have a hardy outdoor walk. To combat my weight issues I follow a vet-directed diet and exercise program. I even had water treadmill sessions, which demonstrates my determination (or lack thereof) to get back into shape. 


Right now I have at least 3 short walks a day. Frankly, I never want to go on another ruddy walk again, but once I’m outside and moving I enjoy it. My ideal walks are a slow stroll where I can meet and greet a whole lot of friendly Elkhound admirers. That would be followed by a glorious dip in the river to cool off. It’s not exactly a hard core work-out, but it’s a slow and steady step in the right direction. My forever family should be willing to continue this program with me so that I can live a long and healthy life.


I’m so excited to live my golden years with you. Please fill out an online application so we can meet!

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