Moses & Noah

Age: 10.5 years old

Breed: SHD

Gender: Male

Dogs: TBD

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Energy Level: Low

Medical: TBD

Location: Edmonton

Our Story

Hi, I'm Noah, the big husky boy with a silky dark coat and piercing green eyes. I'm a very personable guy who will greet you when you come home. I love cheek scratches, back scratches, and being picked up, but my absolute favourite thing is a nice relaxing belly rub! Don't let my big stature fool you; I have a sweet little meow and like to think of myself as an overgrown kitten. I also love to snuggle and knead my paws into anything soft and when I'm relaxing in my cat tree, I'll let my legs dangle off the side and knead the air, just to let you know how happy and content I am. I should let you know that I'm a picky eater, so canned pate is a must in my diet. 

My brother Moses is a sweet, docile boy who will begin to purr as soon as you enter the room. He also loves cuddling up next to his humans on the couch. He's a pretty quiet guy and spends a lot of the day in his bed or perched on top of his cat tree in front of the window where he can watch the birds and squirrels. He likes being brushed and having a nice big honeysuckle chip to suck on and toss around the room.

We're currently living with a toddler in our home who we absolutely love - mostly because we get constant hugs and kisses from them.

We're a bonded pair and will need to be adopted together. If you're interested in welcoming us into your family, please get in touch with the nice people at ARTS or fill out an adoption form here on the website.

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