Age: 13 years old

Breed: Tabby

Dogs: Yes, with proper introduction

Cats: No

Kids: Unknown

Location: Calgary


Medical: Healthy

Molly's Story

Pleased to make your acquaintance! My name is Molly and I am approximately 13 years young. I am in search of my purrfect forever retirement home so here’s a bit about me.


I play a little hard to get when I first met people as I am a bit shy. I will let you in on a bit of a secret on how to break down my walls - once you give me a scratch under the chin or behind my ears I warm up quickly and my big purr comes out or a toy filled with catnip toy also makes me lose all my inhibitions.


Everything about me is gentle and soft, even my quiet meow to greet you as you come in the house. I never use my claws - not even to play with my toys or kneed my bed, as I love a soft squishy place to sleep. I am also like my space kept clean so I do not kick my litter everywhere. I was given a clean bill of health by my vet and my only real need is a high fiber diet!


I lack a bit of self-confidence around other animals as I have always lived with only hew-man roommates and do not like sharing my space with other cats.


I have had some exposure to very cat savvy dogs in my foster home. I let them know I am the boss and they leave me completely alone, so depending upon your dog I may be okay with him or her as long as you allow me time to settle in before doing any dog introductions.


Apply today if you think you could give me the purrfect home! 

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