Miyagi (aka Mr. Miyagi)

Age:  9 years old

Breed: Large mixed breed (my previous owners say I am a border collie labradoodle cross but we aren’t sure!)

Gender: Male

Dogs: Yes

Cats: No

Kids: 12+

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Broke his pelvis when he was 2, but has otherwise healed and has had no after effects from it.

Miyagi's Story

Hello! My name is Miyagi (Yes, I was named after Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid) . I am a smart old boy, who loves to cuddle up beside you, loves attention, and I am addicted to playing fetch! If you throw the ball for me, i’ll love you forever! I am an energetic dog, but I am also really smart! My fosters have been trying out agility training with me, as well as getting me to search for treats and such in hidden places, since I need to be exercised mentally as well. 


My fosters say that I am such a good boy, as I am potty trained, and have been trained in basic obedience. I am also quite food driven, as well as toy driven so training is really easy, and the foster who trains me says I pick up on things really quickly! I know how to sit, lay down, shake a paw, stay, and come, as well as I have been learning how to crawl through tunnels, jump through hoops, and jump over hurdles, which I am quite good at if I don’t say so myself. My foster has been training me through the use of a clicker as well as treats. I do pull a little on the leash, but can you blame me? All the new sights and smells are exciting! I behave well when you leave, and will greet you with a wagging tail when you come back. 


I will be vetted soon but the people are expecting me to be healthy. I tried to go to the vet but I was too scared, so I’m going to try again next week. I broke my pelvis when I was 2, but it has since healed and I am not affected by it. I am good with dogs, but I would prefer to live with dogs that are at least medium sized or bigger. I am good with kids, but my other family used to foster children, which put a lot of stress on me, so I would prefer a family with older children (12+). I like to chase cats so I should go to a no cat home. 


I would need to go to a family that can put in some kind of effort in helping me exercise both my mind and body, it doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise, but things such as walks, playing fetch, treat filled kongs, or hiding treats around the house for me to find would be enough. I would also prefer to go to a family without small children, as they can put stress on me. I do really love my foster teenagers, though. 


I am very protective of my food so I like to eat by myself. I’m also pretty scared of the vets, so the humans give me a pill to make me not so scared before I go. 


My fosters absolutely adore me, and say that I am such a good boy, and that they have loved having me, but I think I need to find a forever home with a family I can call my own. Will you be my forever family? You can apply here and the wonderful people at ARTS will see if we're a good match!

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