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Age: Est 10 years Old

Breed: Black and Calico DLH

Gender: Females

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Trouble is diabetic controlled with diet and Mischief is hypothyroid

Mischief and Trouble's Story


Mischief (Calico) and Trouble (Black) are definitely inappropriately named, as both girls are sweet as pie! They are  very loving and affectionate. Both enjoy having a "person" and will gladly keep you company throughout your day.


Both cats are currently on medication but they are extremely easy to administer to and will gladly accept treats as bribes. They do need to eat separately though, as Trouble has her hypothyroid prescription food.


Trouble is a loving black ball of floof, she’ll purr before you even walk towards her. She has been diagnosed with diabetes but it is managed by diet. Her favourite is chicken flavoured things. Mischief is the more cautious of the two at first but that goes away in a few minutes. She loves her warm blankets, sun, and napping on cat trees. Mischief a very picky eater so her adopter will need to provide lots of variety, but she definitely prefers the gravy foods to pate. 

Mischief and Trouble love water from their fountain and are low key but do enjoy a roll in fresh cat nip every now and then. Are these pretty girls the right cats for you? Please apply here to get started. 

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