Mia & Maya (bonded)

Age: 12 years old

BreedChocolate Lab



Cats: Untested

Kids: Ok if they're respectful and calm

Location: Sherwood Park

Medical:  Mia has benign masses that have been checked by a vet, these should be watched for growth. She also has arthritic hips that may need pain management in the future, and she has slightly low thyroid values that should be rechecked periodically throughout her life. Maya also has benign masses that should be watched, and slightly low thyroid values and slightly elevated kidney values that should be rechecked periodically. 

Mia & Maya's Story

Hi everyone! We are Mia and Maya. We are a bonded pair of sisters that came to ARTS when our owner could no longer care for us. We have settled in well to our foster home and we are happy as long as we have each other. We are very bonded and will need to go to the same home. We always sleep together and we like all things to be equal. So if you are petting one of us, make sure you have the other hand free to pet the other. We LOVE attention and will let you know if we feel like we aren’t getting enough. We do okay during the day when you are at work but we are really happy and excited when you get home or when you wake up, so we would be okay with someone that works during the day but preferably not REALLY long hours. We are a little excited right after we get our leashes on, but once we shake the beans out we calm down and take nice walks.


We also really love treats and we will follow you around if we think you might be hiding treats. People are always hiding treats, though, lets be real. Quit holding back. Give. Us. The. Treats! We have a special blanket that we really love to cuddle together with, so that will come with us to out new home. Because we have so much energy still, we would really like to have a home with a nice big back yard. A condo or apartment wont do it for us, sorry. We like kids as long as they are calm and know how to treat us with respect. 


If you are looking for two senior girls who can appreciate the more relaxing things in life, but still know how to frolic around the yard like puppies – we might be the girls for you! Apply today if you think we'd be the paw-fect fit in your family!

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Mia & Maya