Age: 14 Years old

Breed: Mini Poodle

Gender: Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: No thank you

Kids: 12+

Location: Calgary

Medical: Jesse's eyesight is quite poor.  She also has kidney disease and requires prescription food and Kidney supplements.

ADOPTION STATUS: No Longer Accepting Applications

Jesse's Story

Hello ARTS family & friends… 
Jesse is my name and being super duper cute and loveable is my game!  My foster mom calls me Jesse Bean because I remind her of a jumping bean. At 14 years young I am super agile and I have no problem with stairs or getting on to the furniture. And boy can I jump- if only dogs could play basketball!   
When I first arrived at my foster home I was very scared and I hid in my kennel and would not come out. It took a couple days for me to get comfortable and get to know my  foster mom & foster dog sisters. Now that I am comfortable I am right at home, but new people and new things still scare me (I shake like a leaf) and it takes a little bit for me to warm up.

I love my kennel (we call it my condo) and it is my go-to spot. When I need time to myself or if I am frightened I hide in my condo.  It is where I like to sleep too.  Speaking of sleep, I am an awesome sleeper and I sleep through the night. Sometimes I do renovations in my condo and bang around a bit, but I am just adjusting my bed and I settle down quickly. I need to be comfortable for my beauty sleep after all!


I love being near my humans. I will jump on the sofa with you for cuddles and I am a big time kisser. You will have to get used to my breath. My little tail wags a mile when you pay attention to me. If you are home with me most of the time I would be suited to attached housing, otherwise it should be detached housing. I don't bark very much but I do love to sing! If you take too long giving me my dinner, try to give me a healthy snack instead of a delicious one, or try to leave the house without me, then be prepared to hear the song of my great wolf ancestors.


I like to go for short walks. Well, I don’t really walk, I stroll and take in every scent and sight. I also LOVE car rides and I am ready to go the minute I hear those keys. Speaking of hearing, I listen quite well but sometimes I think ‘stay’ means run in a different direction or to my condo as fast as I can. This usually happens when foster mom is trying to get me to go outside and I don't feel like it. Once outside I do have one little bad habit. Sometimes I will go outside and do my #1 business, but because I miss you so much I like to come right back in. Then… you guessed it, I do my #2 in the house.  My foster mom is on to me now and she makes sure I don’t come in too fast so that I do my #2 outside as well. I am learning but please be patient with me. 
If you are looking for a bundle of love that will be loyal to a fault I might just be your girl. 
Please apply here if you think you can give me the perfect new home.

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