Age: 10 years old

Breed: Pug

Gender: Male

Size: A few extra pounds

Dogs: Yes, as long as they're chill and know that I'm the boss.

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Medical: Some dental, mild arthritis, tummy troubles (on a special diet)

Location: Edmonton

My Story

Hi folks, I’m Jacque (Jack) and I’d like to introduce myself.


My foster mom says I’m a very charming, affectionate and happy fellow. I enjoy soft pillows, cuddles, kisses, being petted and having back and neck rubs. My hobbies include; staring at foster mom, eating, sleeping, going for walks, sleeping and watching TV curled up beside mom with my head and paw in her lap…sleeping. I don’t like being picked up (I go all stiff) or having my paws fussed, but other than that I’m an chill guy.


I don’t jump on furniture and my housetraining is very reliable. I’ll let you know when I need a potty break by going to the door. If you don’t notice, I might bark once or twice to get your attention but otherwise I’m not yappy. I’m also not bothered by loud noises – maybe ‘cause I don’t hear them - but I will bark once or twice if something doesn’t seem right or if you’ve been ignoring me for too long.


I sleep through the night in a crate (door open) and will be the first face you see in the morning. I’ll even help you wake up with a gentle pat or two on your arm – if I can reach it.

I’m on a prescription diet for tummy troubles with strict portion control and minimal treats for weight loss and I still need some dental work before I can be adopted.


I don’t like sharing my foster momma with the fuzzy white dog in the house. We pretty much leave each other along, but when Mom’s cuddling me and he comes  too close, I let him know he’s not welcome by nipping at his nose - haven’t caught it yet but he gets the message!


My walks aren’t long ‘cause I have a bit of arthritis in my legs and my toenails are still a bit too long – we’re working on that too - but I’m still game when the harness comes out. Shorter, more frequent walks work for me with a good nap between.


Ideally I’d like a home where I can have all the attention to myself but maybe I’d enjoy a canine friend with an easy going attitude who’s not put off by his forthright puggy personality and who doesn’t mind me taking charge. Cats don’t bother me either. I might sniff them or just ignore them.

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