Age:  10 years old

Breed: Orange Tabby DSH

Gender: Male

Dogs: untested (please read bio)

Cats: Yes!!

Kids: untested (please read bio)

Location: Calgary

Medical: Huntley is in remission from Diabetes. He does not require insulin but his glucose should be monitored carefully.

ADOPTION STATUS: No Longer Accepting Applications

Huntley's Story

Get ready to fall in love! From your first moment with Huntley, you’ll quickly realize that he’s not your average cat. This blonde baby came to his foster mom desperate for love and he has not stopped wanting it since. Coming off the streets of rural Alberta, Huntley craves the comfort of a cosy and consistent home with a person that will give in to his need for physical affection… and chicken in all of its glorious forms. It will surprise you how much of both he would like at any given moment. 

Chatty from the second he wakes up for breakfast till his pre-bedtime snack, Huntley has lots to say even if it’s just to himself. His meows are so distinct that you could pick it out of a clowder of tabby kitties. Sweet Boy? Gentle Soul? He sure is, but who could guess from the ferocious sound that come from him!  Especially when it comes to meal time, Huntley will not tolerate tardiness or jokes of any kind. He loves his food. He wants it now. And yes, he will let you know when it's dinner time!

Huntley’s only requirement when it comes to a home is that the blanket be big enough to fit the both of you under it as that's his favourite way to cuddle. There are no dogs or kids in his foster home but because of his super cuddly personality we think he may be okay with both as long as they are respectful. He is currently being fostered with other cats and he is very affectionate with them. We think he would really benefit from being in a multiple cat home.

The only health note is that Huntley is in remission from diabetes and it is recommended that he stay on his wet food only diet to help keep him in remission. He will be sure to show his appreciation for his wet food feast with a song of meows and caterwauls!

With those adoring freckled amber eyes there is no possible way to deny this tender guy. He would really love a family to snuggle up with and would love to meet you. You can apply here to give him his forever home. 

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