Age: 11 years old

BreedGerman Short Haired Pointer



Cats: Good

Kids: Not great with younger kids

Location: Calgary

Medical: Blind

Heidi's Story


I SEE you checking out my profile. I might not literally see you but I SEE and FEEL you with my heart and my soul. My eyes can’t see but who needs sight when you have an adorable, winning personality. Plus, sight is over-rated. 


My foster mom continues to be impressed by my keen navigational skills. I was quick to figure my way around the house and I understand words like “stairs, wall and chair.” I love long walks and I’m an exceptional walker. Pretty smart wouldn’t you say? 


The best part of my day is after a long walk when I can hit-the-hay for some well-deserved cuddle time. That’s when my true sweetness is revealed. I love to hang out at the feet of my foster mom or cozy in on the bed for long naps. Apparently, I sometimes snore like a freight train, but hey, that’s only hearsay. 


I’m also very social and love meeting new people. I also love dogs of all sizes and am particularly tight with my foster brother, who also has sight challenges (what are the odds?). The two of us hang out all day together and keep each other company. When you’re blind, having another 4-legged warm furry body to lean on is helpful. 


I’m a bit of a foody. I love mealtimes. I even get a bit grumpy if dinner is late. I love digging for kibbles in my snuffle mat and snacks in my toy bucket that my foster mom hides on me. I’m thinking I have an overly- keen sense of smell that we blind pooches often develop. 


My ideal forever family would have a quiet household, perhaps with another older pooch or maybe even a quiet cat. Given my advanced age of 10 years, I’m not so great around little kids. All I need is a loving human, who doesn’t mind me following them around all day, sitting by their feet and letting me shower them with my adorable sweetness. Might you be that lucky person?

If you think you will be a good new family for me, please apply today!

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