Age: 11 years old

Breed: grey DSH

Gender: Female

Dogs: Untested (please read bio)

Cats: No

Kids: Yes

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Diabetic but in remission. She does not require insulin at this time. 

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Grr's Story

I'm Grr (or Gertie as I've come to be called), and if you are someone who needs love and cuddles in your life I might be your gal. While I did take a while to warm up and trust my foster family I am truly a cuddle bug now. I will follow you around and I love to lay with you and sleep with you. I must be touching you while we are sitting together; how else am I going to know when you are leaving the room?


Even at my age I still love to play, my favourite kind of playing is laying on the ground as I chew and kick on a toy with you petting me; play time is just so much better with you beside me. I don't ever use my nails when I touch you, unless I'm caught up playing. And I do this fun trick where I come when called! Except I'm a little old and a little chubby, so give me a second or two to get to where you are.


My foster family says I'm the perfect house guest.  I don't wreck any of the furniture as I have my scratcher that I will go out of my way to use. I don't knock things off the counters or anything and I will leave your stuff alone (even when you're away). I keep myself clean, although sometimes you can find a little bit of food leftover on my chin which always makes my foster family giggle. I'm a good girl with the litterbox and tidy there too. 

 My guilty pleasure is definitely food, I can hear you munching from anywhere and I'll be a purr machine when I see a plate of food. I get upset when I realize that you've eaten everything and left none for me, but don't worry because my pouting doesn't last long. If I'm ever truly upset I'll let out a warning "mrow" to let you know i'm uncomfortable. Sometimes my foster parents cant resist touching my tiny bean toes, and that's usually when I make the noise because that tickles!

I'm an easy going girl- great in baths, with vacuums, or just loud activities in general. I really just love any excuse to be close to you. When I first came to ARTS I was diabetic and needed insulin, but they helped me go in to diabetic remission and I don't need needles anymore. Now it is just a matter of monitoring my weight/food, blood sugar, and making sure I stay active.


My ideal home would be someone who doesn't have other cats as other cats stress me out. I am untested with dogs but the ARTS team is happy to discuss the situation with you and talk about a potential dog meeting.


If you are looking for a super cuddly and interactive companion I think we'd be a great match. Please apply here to meet me because I would absolutely love to have a family of my own again. 

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