Age: 9 years old

BreedShih Tzu x Chihuahua

Gender: Female

DogsSee profile

Cats: Unknown

Kids: Older respectful kids

Location: Calgary

Medical: Healthy

Emily's Story

Are you looking for me?   Well I am sure looking for you!!!  


My name is Emily but around my foster home  I am known as Little Em and sometimes little stinker pants!!  I am 9 years old and full of energy, attitude, comic relief, “music” and love.   My foster mom is pretty sure the idea of Velcro came from me as once I feel comfortable with you, you will always be under my watch and I am a bit possessive of my human.  

I am about 9 pounds, a Shih Tzu x Chihuahau - I don’t shed much, just when I am uncomfortable. I have a super duper appetite and will dance for my dinner.  I sleep through the night by my foster mom’s bed in a bed 10 times my size, but...if you let me crawl in with you I would probably sleep way better!! I will tell you when I need to go outside and I am surprisingly winter hardy for my size!!   I can zip up and down the stairs like no one’s business. It is a race dontcha know!   I think I like the car but not when I am in the back seat and will try to sneak up front. I do pretty well on leash and like my walks! Sometime my foster mom puts me in a backpack. I really like that!!!


My foster mom says I am a great little girl, but I can be a handful so you would have to do me a big favour for our relationship to be successful ...  no matter how much I cuddle, snuggle, bark or bat my beautiful eyes at you, I will rely on you to be my leader and not let my extreme cuteness be an excuse for inappropriate behaviour.  


Right now I have foster sisters and a foster brother.   We get along ok but I think I would rather be an only furkid or maybe have a sibling that doesn’t demand equal attention.  Ha ha.   Older human siblings would be ok as long as we have mutual respect.  


Because of my love of talking and music I will need detached housing and a reminder here and there to lower my voice.  


There is so much more to tell you...    


Hope to hear from you soon!!!!   


Love & barks, 


Little Em.   


P.S.    please stay well!!!!


If you think you’d like to be my new home please fill out an application. I’d love to meet you!

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