Age: 11 years old

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Gender: Male

Dogs: Unknown

Cats: It would be best for him to be the only cat in the house.

Kids: Unknown

Location: St.Albert

Medical: Healthy, although requires some weight loss.

Eddie's Story

Hi there people.  My name is Eddie & I am a young senior fellow at only 11 yrs old.  


I heard someone say that I am a healthy boy, perfect blood work.  I love to be around people.  I will sit on your knee & I am happy to be brushed.  I loooooove my food, in fact maybe too much.  Overheard the vet tell my foster that I weigh 20 lbs.  I eat canned Friskies pate food that is lower in carbs & get a few crunchies of Orijen Fit & Trim. Working on a slow weight loss, but honestly I am happy lying around (maybe that is why I am a bit heavy).  


My foster Mom says I might be best suited to be the only kitty as I am apparently something she refers to as a bully with the young kitty here.  I keep saying I am trying to play but maybe I am a bit too rough for this bitty cat that lives here.  I enjoy playing with catnip toys & with toys on a string.  If you need some cleaning done, I am your man.  If I can reach it, I will happily sweep it onto the floor.  From there it becomes your responsibility.  My foster Mom says she needs to cat proof the place, especially the night stands & coffee table.  I do not get on counters or tables, unless you are foolish enough to leave a chair conveniently positioned.  The honest truth is that I am too heavy to jump that high.  I can make it onto the couch & the bed.  


My foster has no knowledge of how I do with dogs & I can’t tell.  I have had a few homes over my lifetime & am looking for a good place to retire. 


Apply here is if you think that might be with you!

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