Daisy & Zoey

Name: Daisy & Zoey

Breed: Shih Tzu x

Age: 10 & 8

Gender: Female

Dogs? Yes

Cats? Unknown

Kids? Respectful kids

Housetrained? Yes

Medical: on liver supplement (may be temporary)

Energy level: Medium

Location: Calgary

From the foster: We are Daisy (10) and Zoey (8) ,cute and adorable shi tzu girls, sisters, sort of, but we are staying together no matter what! Our foster momma says we are sweet, adorable, well behaved girls and anyone would be so lucky to have us come live with them forever and ever. We love to cuddle and get tummy rubs, we will even let you hold us like a baby, for a little while at least. We also love to play, together, or with another dog, sometimes we tag team our foster brother Huxley, he’s pretty fun, he loves when we chase him around the house, we could totally catch him but it’s better if he thinks he out runs us. Ok, so maybe we can’t catch him but we are getting in such great shape trying, we will be svelte for swimsuit season. We are good eaters, not food aggressive though, we just chow down and if you have any treats we’d be happy to sample them as well. We are potty trained, know how to walk on a leash, love the park or just sitting in the yard in the sun. We are content happy girls, no anxiety and we are cool if you have to go to work, we’ll just play or sleep in our puppy beds until you come home. We just really want a family of our own, someone to love us forever and ever, our foster momma says we are special and she will make sure we get just the right family. We will miss her and Huxley but we are soooo ready for our next adventure, we can’t wait for you to come meet us and take us home. xoxo Daisy & Zoey

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