Age: 9 years old

Breed: Chihuahua

Gender: Female (will be undergoing a spay)

Size: Small, approx. 9lbs

Dogs: Yes, but on her own terms

Cats: Unknown

Kids: Unknown

Energy Level: Medium

Medical: Mild heart murmur. Dental work & spay will be carried out within the next few weeks.

Location: Edmonton

My Story

Although Tamale was recently transferred to us from the Alberta Care & Control Centre, she was obviously well cared for and had some good training. She enjoys walks and is good on leash wearing her harness. She is very good in her crate. She sleeps through the night without a sound. She has a great appetite and tolerates dry kibble well. She will definitely let you know if there’s someone or something unusual around but will quiet down once she sees that you’ve got everything under control. She isn’t crazy about dogs when they get in her face but has learned to live with our Lab. I found them together once sharing a spot of sun. She wants to be where the action is and likes to supervise. She’s also content to nap quietly in her bed. She is good meeting strangers as long as she can do so on her own terms. She is also good at meeting other dogs, again, if she can do so on her own terms. Because she has such short hair, she does not like the cold rainy weather we’ve had so far this summer. Indoors, she is quick to find any warm comfy spot!


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REGISTERED CHARITY # 809479793 RR 0001

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