Hi, I'm BOBO!

I'm Ready When You Are!

Age: 11.5 Years  

Gender: Female  

Breed: Shih Tzu Mix  


Dog Friendly: Yes  

Cat Friendly: Yes  

Kid Friendly: Yes

Location: Calgary  

Medical: Gabepentin (rx) for joint pain

You may not recognize me from my debut into the world of ARTS because I was rocking my pawsome frog Halloween costume when we met, but it's me!! It's Bobo, or Bobolicious as my foster mom likes to call me.

I have a very curious past; I've been a resident at the ACCC twice in the last few years, but I'm not really sure how I ended up there. The nice people of ARTS took me into their care and my foster mom says we're going to find me the pawfect retirement home! As you can seem from my pics, I'm a little on the curvy side, but I'm working on dropping the lbs. and I'm doing this by a controlled diet that includes snacking on healthy treats such as bananas, pumpkin, snap peas, and carrots. I'm on a little pink pill called gabepentin to help my joints out a little bit - I'm not sure if this will be long term or just until I lose the weight.

My foster mom says I'm a special little soul; a ray of sunshine! I'm super quiet and rarely bark, although I do let you know when I'm starting to get hungry! I love naps, snuggles, cuddles, chin scratches, and belly rubs...and don't say the words "car ride" unless you want me to get super excited and explain to me AGAIN why I'm not allowed to drive!

Despite my love of napping, I sleep through the night; I might move around a bit from my bed to the flood, but if you let me up on the bed with you, I'm not moving! Sometimes I snore...sometimes it's loud!

I'm a little slow moving these days (my foster mom says I'm like molasses - not sure what that means?!), but I always get where I'm going even if I have to take it one stair at a time. I enjoy leisurely walks and I'm very good on a leash. Sometimes I get a little turned around or have an accident, but that's very rare.

Right now I'm bunking with 4 other dogs and I like it, but I think I would like it more if I was the only dog in the household if someone was around all the time. At first I was a little anxious when my foster mom when to work, but now that I know she'll be back, I greet her with some tail wagging to show her how happy I am that she's home!

So, if you need an exercise partner, someone to talk to, a snoring app, a road trip companion, or just someone who will love you to the moon and back, maybe I'm the one for you and your family.

If I sound like the pawfect fit for your home, apply for me today and I'll make sure the nice people at ARTS get in contact with you as soon as possible.

Thanks for letting me share my story,

Love Bobo xoxo

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