Name: Chevy

Breed: Chocolate lab mix

Age: 11.5 year old

Gender: female

Housetrained: yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: yes

Energy Level: Medium/high

Medical:Diabetes, deafness

From the foster: Chevy is a gorgeous, lovely girl with amazing energy for her age. She loves long walks through the neighbourhood - a good paced, hour-long walk in the evening is standard here. She loves meeting people along the way, especially kids. She is strong but doesn't pull too much and is gentle with children, puppies and kittens. She is great meeting other dogs but avoids rambunctious ones. She is currently living in an apartment and she doesn't bark at any noise in the hallways (could be a benefit on her limited hearing). She may cry when left alone initially but I have been giving her kongs or other chew things when I leave and she has adjusted well to departures. She is fine on her own for up to 7 hours. She is recently diagnosed as a diabetic and quickly learned to lie down and stay while I gave her shots. No issues with the needles, just needs encouragement (food) to stay still long enough. She is very trainable, especially with lots of treats involved.


Location: Edmonton

Thank you to Chad Sonnenberg Photography for Chevy's photos.

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