Age: 2-3 years old

Breed: Ragdoll Mix

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: No

Location: Edmonton


Medical: Healthy

Chester's Story

Hi, I’m Chester! I came to ARTS after being abandoned by my old owners when they moved. I spent at least a few months living outside and I looked to be a senior in rough shape. A kind neighbour didn’t want to see me being left out in the cold, so she contacted the nice people of ARTS for help. They gave her some tips on how to build my trust and put out a trap for me. 


After I was trapped I was brought inside and the whole thing was pretty scary. My foster family was very patient with me. I spent most of my days hiding under the bed, but every day they would come in and give me fresh water and food and change my litter box. Little

by little I was learning to trust them. Around the same time I realized that there were other cats in this foster home, so I would talk to them and tell them my story, and that made me feel better too. 


Eventually it was time to leave my hiding place under the bed and get to know my foster family. It started out with short visits where they would talk to me, feed me, and eventually pet me. Hey, it turns out that humans aren’t so bad after all! Finally, one day, it was time for me to venture outside my room and head off to the vets for a check up. This is where my secret was revealed. It turns out that I wasn’t a senior after all, but a young spring chicken! I have successfully snuck into retirement and it is awesome.


Now that they know I’m healthy it’s time for me to find a permanent home of my own. I am still shy and scared, so whoever takes me home will need to be patient and loving while I get braver. While I will probably get along with your resident cat and possibly dog, be prepared to give me some space or a room of my own for the first little while. 

Apply today if you think you could give me the purrfect home or  contact us  if you're able to bring Chester into your rescue!

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