Age:  12 years old

Breed: Chuhuahua X

Gender: Male

Personality: Playful and happy

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Unknown, but can be tested for a successful applicant

Kids: No

Location: Calgary

Medical: Bruno is on medicine for a heart murmur and arthritis. He will need to be on these meds for the rest of his life which currently cost ~$160/month.

Bruno's Story

Hey, Hi, I’m Bruno! My new friends think I am a Chihuahua + Boston Terrier mix. I don’t know about all that - all I know is I love to have fun, chase my stuffies, and sit against you while you pet me.  It might take me a few days to warm up but once I do watch out, I’m super lovable. My foster family says I am a very good boy. I know lots of tricks and commands and I listen really well.


I will do best in a house with no children (no visiting grandchildren either please), as I am uneasy around them. It's also easier for me if you are someone who is home more than not. If you have other dogs I am really good at knowing my place in the pack. I may not be best friends with them right away, but chances are we will get along.


Even though I'm limping a bit, I love to play fetch and go for walks! Shorter walks and playtime are best for me, or you'll find yourself carrying me to where I need to go! 


I do have to take some medicine twice a day for my arthritis and a heart murmur. When it comes to my meds it's best if you really hide it in something, otherwise I won’t be eating that stuff! My favorite so far is cheese or peanut butter. Because of my medicine I love to drink water, so I have to go outside a little more often than the average dog, but I rarely have accidents unless I really need to pee. 


I really love treats and some wet food but I am not crazy about regular kibble, so you may need to factor that in to your budget along with my meds.  I haven’t really decided what my favorite food is, so I am really excited to try what you might feed me!


My foster parents say I have some really cute personality quirks that you might find interesting and make you love me more: When I give kisses I like to do it with my mouth wide open. And while I love comfy, plush expensive dog beds I will also forgo laying on them to get comfy on a reusable shopping bag you left on the floor. Or you know, anything you have on the floor (blankets, laundry, suitcases, patio cushions, papers - the list goes on). Oh and I love my people so much that even if I you've only been gone a couple of minutes, I am so happy to see you that I can’t control my tail when you come back in the room! Did I mention I like to play chase? The part I need to work on is giving the toy back, but I make my people laugh when I make squeaky noises to get their attention so they'll throw the toy for me again (once you get it back from me of course!). 


I can’t wait to meet my new forever family, I have so much love left to give and I know you’ll love me too.

If you'd like to be my forever family, please can apply here and the wonderful people at ARTS will see if we're a good match!

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