Age:  10 Years Old

Breed: Short Haired Grey Tabby & Long Haired Orange Tabby

Gender: Females

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Location: Calgary

Medical: Brandy needs a limited ingredient food as her stomach can be sensitive. 

ADOPTION STATUS: Available for Adoption

Cuddles & Brandy's Story

Hi, my name is Brandy.  Yes, I am a beautiful cat.  My foster mom says my best work is looking regal.  Trust me, the pictures don’t lie.  I am a gorgeous kitty with long soft hair and fuzzy feet and I love it when you stroke my hair and scratch my chin.  When I get to know you I will reciprocate and help to groom you.  My tongue is great for cleaning.  My foster dad loves that I shed very little.  He is not a fan of cat hair that has to be cleaned off the furniture but I keep all my lovely hair on me.

I’m told I’m a very calm cat.  I enjoy stretching out and observing the world around me.  I don’t see a lot to get excited about.  Although that bird outside the window is pretty interesting.  Maybe you could invite it inside for me?  And breakfast and dinner time is good of course.  The vet told my previous family that I would do best on limited ingredient food.  I don’t know about that but it is pretty yummy.  If only they wouldn’t put the dry food in those darn puzzle feeders that make me eat more slowly.  

I’ve lived all my life with my friend Cuddles.  She’s ok I guess.  Sometimes when she goes after a piece of food that I fancy I swat at her.  But I don’t mind having her around.

My foster mom says that I’m a good kitty because I use my litter box faithfully and wipe my feet when getting out and I don’t claw the furniture and I don’t jump on the table or counter.  Actually I can’t be bothered to make the jump to the counter but don’t tell her that is why I stay off.  When I exert myself I sometimes wheeze afterwards but once I get my breath again I carry on as if nothing happened.

Looking for a calm, regal kitty up for companionship and mutual grooming?  I’m your girl.


Hi, my name is Cuddles.  Am I a cuddly cat?  I can be.  I’m not a big fan of change though.  It takes me time to figure out that I’m safe.  But little by little I warm up to you and then I’m happy to sleep in your lap and you can stroke and love me and I’ll help you welcome visitors into your home.

I’m a very active cat.  I love to jump and climb.  My favourite seat in the house is at the very top of my cat tower.  Well, that and on the back of the couch looking out the window at the world going by.  And do you see that bird just outside the window?  And that rabbit that just went by?  Such interesting things going on.

My foster mom says I’m a BAD cat!  Don’t listen to her.  Such interesting smells on the kitchen counter top.  I know I’m not supposed to be up there so if I see her coming I jump right off but sometimes she catches me and then she tells me off.  So annoying.  So then I claw her carpet and that makes her even more annoyed!  So I twitch my short tail at her to let her know what I think of that!!  But she is very pleased that I faithfully use my litter box.  Of course I do but I’ll let her think it is to make her happy.

I’ve lived all my life with my friend Brandy.  Because Brandy has special food I get it too.  Its pretty tasty.  Wish they would give me more though.  Sometimes I steal some of Brandy’s. Shhhhhhhh!  Don’t tell.  With all the exercise I get jumping and climbing and chasing that piece of string I burn it all off and have a beautiful slim figure.  Brandy’s pretty boring.  She just lies around looking beautiful.  

Got a hairbrush at your place?  I do love a brush.  Really, you just need to hold it out and I’ll do all the work.  


Wanna play with me or snuggle up with my sister Brandy? Just apply here so we can get together!