Age:  8 years old

Breed: Golden Retriever

Gender: Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Kids: 15+

Location: Edmonton

Medical: Healthy

ADOPTION STATUS: Pending Adoption

Bea's Story

Hello! My name is Bea. I am a sweet girl looking for my forever family. My foster family loves me so dearly but I don’t think I am the right fit. I need a lot of work but the payoff will be worth it as I am so full of love and will meet you with wags and kisses!


When my fosters first got me, I was absolutely terrified. I had no idea what these new sounds, sights, people, and the tiny little dog that lived with them was. It took a while for the new people to finally get me inside the house. I soon found a safe place on the big dog bed they had laid out for me, snuggled next to my favourite person. It took quite a while for me to finally venture out and even come upstairs to my persons room. I was always curious where she went when she went up those stairs! That is where I found my new safe spot, laying next to my person on her bed. They have put in a lot of work with me, so I am not as scared of certain things, but I still need a lot of work.


I need a lot of training. It takes a lot of work for me to get out of my comfort zone, and I prefer to lay in my safe place. I am too scared to go for walks yet, and any loud noise or sudden movement sends me off back to my safe place. I need some more work on counterconditioning training. I don’t know what that word means but I get treats whenever something scary is around so I do like it. My people always use a clicker as well. The noise scares me sometimes but then they give me treats so I have grown to be okay with it. When it comes to meeting new people, I get very nervous and scared. It takes a while to build up trust with me, and I need a lot of time and TLC from everyone in the home. 


Because I cant go for walks and I am scared of lots of things, I need a lot of mental stimulation so I don’t drive you crazy. I don’t have any problems with my health. I am good with my foster family’s small dog Bella, and have gotten along with other dogs before. My fosters asked me if I am okay with cats but I have never seen one of them before so I'm not sure. Because new people and things scare me, I would not be a great fit with a family who has younger children. I need people who understand how scared I am and can put in time to build up trust and a relationship with me. 


My foster family absolutely loves me so much, and they think that I am such a sweet girl. They just want to find the best fit for me. I would love to stay with them, but I have been from place to place and really need somewhere to stay for the rest of my life. If you think you can give me a pawsome forever home, please send in an application so my friends at ARTS can see if we're a good match!

Love Bea xo

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