Age: 11years old

Breed: DSH 

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Location: Calgary


Medical: Healthy (will undergo some dental work at the end of January 2020)

Angus's Story

Angus is a tremendous kitty cat.  He's had a bit of a rough go - his ears are frostbitten and partially missing and he will undergo surgery in late January to remove his teeth.  Otherwise, he is in excellent health.  The vet estimates him to be about 10-12 years old.  He is a neutered male silver tabby with white socks.  


He lives for bedtime when he cuddles me (his foster mamma) without abandon.  He took quite a while to settle in (we called him Angry Angus in the beginning!) and is still wary of leaving his comfort zone, but getting better every day (now we call him Closet Monster or Cuddle Monster!).  He loves chin rubs and nose rubs and prefers drinking out of human glasses to cat bowls.  


Despite his bad teeth, he prefers hard food to wet.  He has exceptionally good litter box manners.  He has come to accept our large-breed dog.  Though he isn't her biggest fan, we do catch them almost cuddling occasionally (though I think Angus puts up with it rather than instigating it).  


He met another cat and did well with it.  He ignores his guinea pig brothers.  He is wonderfully patient with our three-year-old human child, putting up with petting and cuddles, and simply getting up and leaving when he's had enough. He plays with toys sometimes, but he's not big on climbing.  He likes treats and loves getting a piece of chicken now and again. He was shaved when he came to us and his fur is growing back nicely, though it's still pretty fine.  The vet cautioned us to watch for signs of ringworm in case of any relapses but I have seen none, but he will need to be monitored.  


His ideal home would probably be a calm home where he can get the attention he deserves. We continue to work on building his confidence and interest in life beyond his safe zone.


Apply today if you think you could give Angus the purrfect home!

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