Age: 12 years old

BreedCocker  Spaniel


Cats: Good

Kids: Ok, if respectful of her condition

Location: Edmonton



Dental (complete), Eye Removal (complete), Grade 4 Heart Murmur (no symptoms), mostly deaf.

Angel's Story

Angel's foster mom calls this little darling Earth Angel and frequently sings Just Call Me Angel around the house.  This wee little cocker spaniel has been named just right!  She has been blind for many years so is very adapted to getting around on her own and doesn’t really believe she has any limitations!  She also has very reduced hearing but seems to know when anyone is in the kitchen or opens a can ever so quietly ;p 


Angel maps out her environment by gently bumping into things similar to how we would use our hands in a dark room.  This talent has earned her the affectionate nickname of my cute little “Roomba”.  Angel is affectionate and likes to lay close by, preferably touching.  When her foster mom gets home from work, Angel is very excited and does the cutest tippy tap dance with her front feet and plays bows.  Angel has been on raw food since coming in to ARTS in August 2019 and is settled on the Primal brand (have tried others) either beef or lamb.  This has helped her systemically and we are requesting any adoptive home continue with this regime.  Because Angel lives in a dark and quiet world, her ideal family would be home the majority of the time to keep her active and thinking. 


Apply today if you think you could give Angel the perfect home!

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