Age:  8 years old

Breed: Basset Hound

Gender: Female

Dogs: Yes

Cats: No

Kids: 12+

Location: Calgary

Medical: Healthy

Amy's Story

My name is Amy and I am stunning basset hound. Basset hounds are very very smart and quirky, so please make sure that you research my breed or have experience before applying, because I am a very typical hound!


I am full of energy and love going for a walk with my foster dad. We live with 4 other dogs but I am the boss of the house and I know that my dad loves me the best. He takes all the dogs for a walk in turns and I am always a plus one. When I came to ARTS from CHS it was known that I can be very afraid of men - but my foster dad worked hard with me and I’ve learned to trust and love him. So as long as men are nice to me I’ve proven that it’s something I can look past. 


I love my foster dad and I sleep on the bed with him. He is always surprised since I sneak in after he goes to sleep. I do looove to bark. When I’m surprised, when I see something, if I’m disgruntled or would like something - I’ll tell you! So an apartment or a condo will not be a good fit for me. We don’t want you to get in trouble just because of my lovely singing! As I continue to get older it would be good for my home to not have too many stairs as well. You would be shocked how well I can hear. I will bark to let my foster dad know that someone will be knocking on the door in a couple of minutes. My family says I have psychic ears. 


My ideal home will be in a quiet house, with not too many dogs around, I can be a bit possessive of my owners and I don’t want to share all of the attention love that they have to give.  Please do not off leash me as I will follow my nose forever when I find something interesting. I’m a very smart girl and respond well when I am being respected. 


I can’t wait to meet you!

If you'd like to be my forever family, please can apply here and the wonderful people at ARTS will see if we're a good match!

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